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Trading Paints adds custom paint schemes to iRacing.

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Show Your True Colors

There are lots of ways to start using a custom paint in iRacing — whether you’re a painting Picasso or if you've never touched a virtual brush in your life.

Paint Your Own Car Online

Paint Your Car Online

Skip complicated or expensive painting programs. Pick a base design, colors, logos, and add text to make your virtual car truly your own with Paint Builder.

Go Virtual Car Shopping in the Showroom

Browse the Showroom

Check out the Trading Paints Showroom to race a paint scheme shared by fellow racers and painters with one click.

Download Templates and Upload Your Work

Upload Your Work

For more advanced users, use official iRacing painting templates and upload your own paints.

Why custom paints?

Through decades of racing, drivers and teams have expressed themselves through personalized paint schemes, logos, and colors on their cars. We think that tradition should carry through to sim racing, too — Trading Paints lets you customize nearly every aspect of your iRacing cars.

The Trading Paints Team

Steve Luvender
Co-Founder & Product Director

Shawn Brant
Co-Founder & Technical Director

Patrick Lindsey
Community Manager

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