The custom car painting platform for iRacing.

Trading Paints adds custom car liveries to iRacing. Design your own cars or race with pre-made paint schemes shared from the community of painters.

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Paint Builder is designed specifically for designing custom paint schemes in your browser, no complicated painting software needed. Included with Trading Paints Pro membership.

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Paint Your Own Car Online

iRacing default paint

Paint Your Own Car Online

…plus Trading Paints Paint Builder, means…

Paint Your Own Car Online

a totally custom paint!

Inserting a logo

Inserting a logo

Select a logo from the Logos menu and drag to position it on the car.

Drag to upload graphics

Drag to Upload a Logo

Drag logos or graphics from your computer into the Paint Builder interface to position on your paint. Your logos are added to your My Logos library where you can use them across all your Paint Builder projects.

Insert a base layer

Inserting a base paint layer

Add and recolor a pattern for your paint (not available on all vehicles).

Inserting text

Inserting text

Personalize your paint with custom-styled text.

Lock and unlock layers

Locking layers

Once you’ve got something in the perfect spot, lock the layer to prevent accidental changes.

Coloring car parts

Coloring Car Parts

Standard car parts layers are separated from the rest of your paint’s layers. Show, hide, or recolor them to make each car your own.

Share your project

Sharing Your Project

Collaborate on your Paint Builder project by sharing access with others.

Paint in your web browser

No more expensive, bloated, overcomplicated software when it comes to creating your paints. Paint Builder was designed from the ground up specifically for making iRacing paint schemes. Since everything’s online in your web browser, there are no files to manage or new versions to update. Keyboard shortcuts make Paint Builder feel like any other application.

Preview your work in iRacing

With Paint Builder, you can treat iRacing like a 3D paint preview program. With the iRacing sim and the Trading Paints downloader running, click “Sim Preview” and watch your changes get applied to your car in a test session.

Hit the track faster

Use your Paint Builder paints in your iRacing races by simply clicking the “Race” button. No uploading, converting, or optimizing needed. Or, submit your completed work to the Showroom and show off your painting prowess.

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Paint Builder is included as part of Trading Paints Pro membership.

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