The custom car painting platform for iRacing.

Trading Paints adds custom car liveries to iRacing. Design your own cars or race with pre-made paint schemes shared from the community of painters.

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Design custom paints in your browser.

Make your cars your own without complicated photo-editing software. Paint Builder is simple enough to use for beginners, yet powerful enough for advanced painting pros. Included with Trading Paints Pro membership.

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Do it all.

Add iRacing’s layered Base Paint patterns for every car. Take advantage of painting guides like grids, wireframes, and suggested sponsor-placement blocks to create pixel-perfect works of art. Easily rotate your view to work on every panel of the car without looking upside down. Zoom in and out to make things comfortable, and fix things as you go with undo and redo functionality. Keyboard shortcuts make you forget you’re painting in your web browser.

Beyond the basics.

Paint Builder includes an library of hundreds of original vector graphics and patterns exclusive to the app that you can customize to fit your style on any car. Insert one of hundreds of original logos and fictional brands, or import your own graphics—including vector graphics in SVG format.

Note: Vector layers are usable in vector format in the project editor only. iRacing uses bitmap graphics for cars.

Bring out the brushes.

Get creative by drawing shapes, lines, or with a freehand brush. Make each layer your own with customization options like shadows, skew, strokes, and blend modes.

Make it pop—or not.

Beta From chrome to flat to metallic and more, change the finish of anything you put on your car. Spec maps don’t have to be out of reach. More info

Watch it happen.

Paint Builder’s Sim Preview, combined with iRacing’s 3D car model viewer, means you can see how your custom paint project looks on the car. More info

Don’t keep it to yourself.

Share your project with a friend to collaborate and watch changes in real time. Race your creations in iRacing with just a few clicks, and submit your masterpiece to the Trading Paints Showroom.

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Paint Builder is included as part of Trading Paints Pro membership.

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