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Preview of 2016 Citgo Silverado by Luis Salmaso
Preview of 2016 Citgo Silverado by Luis Salmaso
Most popular paint November 25, 2016

2016 Citgo Silverado

[Retired] NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado by Luis SalmasoLuis Salmaso Pro

This paint is archived and cannot be raced as iRacing no longer uses this vehicle model.

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2016 Citgo Silverado

Posted 88 months ago
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Luis Salmaso

Luis Salmaso Pro

We have changed our visual identify and branding. Jaws Graphics is now Burnout Studios!!! We accept custom paint request for Oval cars. I do not paint Road cars. Rates: $15 per custom paint Combos: All 3 Nascar Series for $30 ( A,B and C) Paints for Teams: Special packages for team paints

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