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Preview of 2023 Callum Ilott Juncos Hollinger Racing Dallara IR18 by Jeff McKeand

2023 Callum Ilott Juncos Hollinger Racing Dallara IR18

Dallara IR18 by Jeff McKeandJeff McKeand Pro
Drivers Racing
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Spec Map
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About this paint

Livery run by Callum Ilott for Juncos Hollinger Racing during the 2023 American open wheel season. Custom-numbered version also available.

Posted 8 months ago
Updated 2 times, last updated 7 months ago
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Jeff McKeand

Jeff McKeand Pro

OG ICR2 painter, back for more. Dallara IR-18 specialist. I mainly focus on real-world replicas, but also create custom liveries (DM me). Do not modify, repost, or redistribute these liveries on or outside Trading Paints without explicit permission. Buy me a coffee:

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