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Neonizm VHS Special Edition Box Set ZL1 (2020 Throwback)

NASCAR Cup Series Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 by Jesse Abraham Pro

Preview of Neonizm VHS Special Edition Box Set ZL1 (2020 Throwback) by Jesse Abraham
Preview of Neonizm VHS Special Edition Box Set ZL1 (2020 Throwback) by Jesse Abraham
Preview of Neonizm VHS Special Edition Box Set ZL1 (2020 Throwback) by Jesse Abraham

About this Paint

Making this years throwback car a little early, but I got plenty of time. * No Number on car * This paint deserves a little bit of an explanation. First, this paint was adapted from an old holographic texture experiment from last year and all I had was the TGA. I had to reconstruct huge areas for the new model. After that it was a lot of experimenting to achieve the right effect. Many of the sponsors are a series of three layers using different layer effects at a different opacity. Similarly, the dot matrix looks simple, but each dot is actually a stack of six layers and there are over 250 dots. Im not sure if this was exactly necessary, or if it was me being complicated, but it worked. It is really easy to get lost in these holographic paints. I dont know how many times Ive misclicked something, not noticed and lost the effect and had to nuke my work where it was to try and get it back. That only happened once with this one. The spec map was relatively easy considering the car is almost entirely black and white. That came down to more experimenting, blending, and correcting. I knew I had the spec map correct when I was watching the replay and the sun struck the hood and roof and I paused it, stunned, as I was temporarily mentally transported to the 90s. My VHS Throwback cars might be my all time favorites for the sheer emotional response. Fingers crossed this one gets paint of the week over on Trading Paints too!

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Number Font: Demonized

Rim Color (Chrome):

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About the Painter

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Jesse Abraham Pro

I am a 3D Modeler and PBR Texture Artist. I have degrees in Game Design and 3D Animation. My style is bright and abstract. I do high-end custom requests.

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