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Redneck Overalls (Read Description)

Suits by Cody Young11 Pro

Preview of Redneck Overalls (Read Description) by Cody Young11

About this Paint

--Tired of wearing those hot prissy jump suits? --Low on testosterone because your wife stole your dignity and sense of being a man again? --Do you like looking awesome in a sweet pair of overalls? --Do you want your pit crew to show up to the race in a 1987 Chevy Silveraldo blasting some Hank Williams Jr? --Do you like getting hammered in the parking lot before racing? --Do you like to win races and do awesome burnouts until you blow the motor? --Have you ever watched Dukes of Hazard? --If you answered no to any of these questions then youre not a real driver, and should go play Need for Speed or something. --Pros: ---Feel the wind on those real hot days ---So many pockets in your overalls to store all the girls phone numbers youre gonna get after the race. (Note: can be used as a convenient beer holder to refresh you during the race). ---Your pit crew has probably won like 37 lawnmower racing championships combined. These dudes are experienced. And most of their names are probably like Billy Bob or something. Have you ever met a loser named Billy Bob? I havent. ---Someone wreck you? Kyle Busch isnt even dumb enough to fight a dude in overalls and boots. ---Its freaking DENIM, this stuff will never rip or let you down. The overalls youre wearing are probably old enough to vote. ---Dont have to change clothes after the race, head straight to the parking lot party --Cons: ---Literally nothing. Why are you wasting time? Put on these overalls and start winning races. --Warnings: ---Pit crew may say "Hold my beer and watch this" as you pull into your pit stall. What happens next? Who knows. You may beat everyone out of pit road, or someone in the pit crew might jack your car to do doughnuts in the infield. Either way its gonna be awesome. --Additional Details: ---Our calculations prove that if you arent first, then you are indeed last. Put these bad boys on and stop being last.

  • Clock icon Posted 19 months ago
  • Trophy icon Most popular paint July 16, 2019
  • Drivers racing this paint 392 drivers racing
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Cody Young11 Pro

Currently taking requests for special paint jobs. Message me for more info.

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