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VERSION 2.....fixed some paint on the nose that was messed up. I had painted this a few months ago for ADam Liechty, he used it for a while but has decided to let me post this as a public paint. I removed a few team decals. And here ya are, thanks again Adam for letting me do this, I had spent a lot of time on this one., Thanks for your support guys.

  • Posted 17 days ago
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  • Most Popular Paint March 04, 2019

Paint Booth Info

Font: Convecta Alt-2

Rim Color:

Wheel Style: Chrome

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Ken Roose PRO

AKA KENSSKINS, I have been painting these things since Dirt Track Racing and I get as big of a kick seeing someone using them online as I do actually racing them myself. Thanks to all of you that use them, like them or follow me. I have been know to paint a free car for anyone who follows me and likes my paints.

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