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#22A Audi Sport Bathurst 12H

Audi R8 LMS by Sergio Hernando Pro

Preview of #22A Audi Sport Bathurst 12H by Sergio Hernando
Preview of #22A Audi Sport Bathurst 12H by Sergio Hernando
Preview of #22A Audi Sport Bathurst 12H by Sergio Hernando

About this Paint

Here is my replica of the #22A that will run on the Bathurst 12H Drivers: Garth Tander, Frederic Vervisch and Kelvin van der Linde. Hope you like it and follow me if you want more. Thanks to Justin S Davis for the metallic finish. This replica is made to work with this exact decal layer:!kZk3TYaC!jUt4pfhxSHG2cM3ywC5Ril3vPp8_sM6pYZX_Ob-WvN4

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Rim Color (Chrome):

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About the Painter

Sergio Hernando Pro

Full-time software engineer, part-time race enthusiast. I love racecars, i love races, and i love having the oportunity to race thanks to iRacing. But i don't want to have my cars with a completely white paint, and i know i'm not the only one, so, every time i see a real livery that i like, i try to recreate it as accurate as i can so everyone here can feel like their idols. If you want a real livery that you would like to race, tell me, i might do it and post it here if i have time and the motivation to do it. If you want a replica only for you, it will be have a price in a reasonble range depending on the complexity and time i spend on it. Hope you enjoy my paints, and see you out there!

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