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Chase Elliott Hooters 2018

[Archive] Sprint Cup Chevrolet SS by Will Norton Pro

Preview of Chase Elliott Hooters 2018 by Will Norton
Preview of Chase Elliott Hooters 2018 by Will Norton

About this Paint

Sup fellers, got a new authentic scheme made, this time its Chase "Hates it for his guys" Elliotts 2018 Hooters scheme revealed recently. You will finish 2nd A LOT driving this paint. Will be updated when Camaro is released. Enjoy!

  • Clock icon Posted 27 months ago
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About the Painter

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Will Norton Pro

Open for requests! I paint any car, whether it's for road or oval, dirt or asphalt. Paints cost $10-$25, per car. PM me on TP, or iRacing, or E-mail me at

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