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Proving Grounds

Challenge 1: Paint Builder ORCA Brakes Gen 4

If you’re feeling creative and want to show off your painting skills just for fun, we’ve got just the thing! It’s simple: we’ll offer a sponsor and car combination prompt, you paint it, submit it to the Showroom, and see where you stack up.

This Proving Grounds Challenge has ended. Check back later for the next challenge!

How to participate

Paint Builder
Paint with Paint Builder

Use Paint Builder to design an ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala / Gen 4 featuring our new fictional brand ORCA Brakes as the primary sponsor.

ORCA Brakes Logo

(No, ORCA Brakes is not real. But you can select it from the Paint Builder Logos menu.)

Submit to Showroom with #ProvingGrounds

When you’re all set, submit your project to the Showroom through the Share menu in Paint Builder. Don’t forget to include great screenshots to show off your work!

Include #ProvingGrounds somewhere in your description.

My Showroom Paints
Show it off

You’ll rank higher here on the Proving Grounds page the more favorites your Showroom submission earns — so make it count! Only one paint per driver per Proving Grounds prompt.

At the end of the month, we’ll stop collecting submissions and award the top painters with a big pile of bragging rights.

13 entries