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Trading Paints Help Center

Q: How do I upload a custom paint scheme?

Log in to Trading Paints. On the Your Paints page, look for the vehicle that corresponds to the car you want to upload. Next to that vehicle, press either “Add” (if you do not have a custom paint scheme) or “Update” (if you are using a custom paint scheme) and then select “Upload new paint (TGA)”.

Q: What file formats are accepted?

iRacing can load 1024x1024 pixel TGA files (helmets and suits are 512x512 pixels). For best results, save TGAs as 24-bit with RLE compression. If files are not RLE compressed, Trading Paints will compress them.

Q: Should I put car numbers on my paint schemes?

No, do not put car numbers on your paint schemes when painting. iRacing stamps car numbers on cars automatically. In order to change the appearance of car numbers on your paint schemes, visit the iRacing Painting (Customize Car) page.

Q: Why can’t I see my paint scheme on the iRacing website?

Your custom paints will not appear on the iRacing website in your member dashboard, Customize Car area, or on Results pages. The only time you can see your paint schemes is when inside the iRacing simulator (racing, spectating, replays, etc.)

Q: Can I see a paint scheme I’m creating without opening the iRacing sim?

No, you can only see a paint scheme on your car by launching the iRacing sim.

Q: Why can’t I see my paint scheme on the track in iRacing?

If you can't see your paint scheme on the track with the iRacing simulation running, ensure Trading Paints is running, you've checked "Download my paint schemes" in the Trading Paints Preferences window. Also, your paint scheme must be uploaded to the Your Paints area on Trading Paints and assigned to the appropriate vehicle. If you still cannot see your paint scheme, re-upload your paint scheme to Trading Paints and ensure there are no problems with your paint scheme file.

Q: How can I switch between paint schemes for a vehicle?

Trading Paints Pro users can click "Inactive" in the Your Paints sidebar menu to access a list of paints that were uploaded but are no longer used. Clicking "Update" and selecting "Use this paint" will make the selected paint become the default, and change the currently active paint into an Inactive paint.

Free users need to re-upload or overwrite their existing paint by clicking the "Update" button on the Your Paints page and choosing "Upload" or another appropriate action.

Q: How can I tell which paint scheme other Trading Paints users can see?

On your Your Paints page within the Trading Paints website, whichever paint scheme is displayed next to each vehicle is what other drivers will see when you race.

Q: Can I use decal layers?

Trading Paints Pro members can use decal layers on their cars by clicking "Update" next to a vehicle and selecting "Assign decal layer."

Q: What is a decal layer?

A decal layer can be used to override decals and some car parts that are stamped by the iRacing simulator.

Q: How can I paint my own cars?

The easiest way to paint your own cars is to use Paint Builder from Trading Paints, which requires a Trading Paints Pro membership. In your Trading Paints account, click the Paint Builder button at the top of the page to access the Paint Builder and begin designing your cars online. You can also download PSD templates for Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, or other painting programs by visiting the Your Paints area, clicking the Update button next to your desired vehicle, selecting Download Template, and opening the downloaded file. Once you've finished painting using the PSD template, save your completed paint scheme as a 24-bit RLE-compressed TGA file and upload to Trading Paints.

Q: How can I use a different helmet or suit for each car?

If you're a Trading Paints Pro user, you can use different helmets and suits depending on which car you're driving. In the Your Paints area, click Driver to access your list of Helmets and Suits. Upload new Suits and Helmets to this area. Then, select a type of vehicle (Road or Oval) from the menu on the left of the page, click Update next to a vehicle, and select either Assign a Helmet or Assign a Driver Suit. Clicking either of these links will allow you to select one of your uploaded helmets or suits for only that vehicle.

Q: Are adult or otherwise offensive paint schemes allowed?

Adult or sensitive paint schemes should be avoided. If you feel the content of your paint scheme is questionable, please consider editing your paint scheme or marking it as a non-family friendly design.

Q: Can I upload paint schemes for someone else?

No, you can only upload paint schemes for your own account. Each account is tied to a specific customer ID, which is used to load paint schemes. If you are helping someone else load a paint scheme, they will need to register their own Trading Paints account.

Q: Can I use a different paint scheme for day and night races?

Trading Paints Pro users can automatically use a different paint scheme for day and night races. The Night option is unlocked in the sidebar of the Your Paints page for Trading Paints Pro users -- the Night tab will show the paint schemes currently used for Night races for a specific vehicle.

Q: Can I use a different paint scheme for league races?

Trading Paints Pro users can use different paint schemes for league races by clicking the unlocked "Leagues" link in the sidebar of the Your Paints area.

Q: Why can’t I see my league or series in the list of Leagues?

If you cannot see your league or series on your Leagues tab on the Your Paints page, ensure:

The league is registered as an official iRacing league The league is viewable to all iRacing members (i.e. not Private) There is at least one event scheduled for the future It has been at least 24 hours since you created the league

If your league still does not show up, please send a problem report with the name and ID of your league.

Q: How can I add a League to the Leagues page?

You cannot manually add a league or series to the Leagues tab. Your league must be registered as an official non-private iRacing league in order to appear on the Leagues tab. The league will show up automatically within 24 hours when it meets these requirements.

Q: What happens to my League paints when a league or series is removed?

Your League paints are moved to the Inactive Paints list if a league or series is removed (accessible to Trading Paints Pro members only).

Q: Can I remove the headlights or grilles from the car?

In most cases, no. iRacing does not allow for headlights, grilles, or other manufacturer-required parts of a car to be removed, even with decal layer add-ons.

Q: Can other drivers download or re-use my paint schemes on the Trading Paints website?

The only way other drivers can download your paint schemes outside of the iRacing sim is if your paint schemes are submitted to the Trading Paints Showroom. The paints shown in the Your Paints area are private to you unless you choose to submit them to the Showroom.

Q: Are my paint schemes private if they’re not uploaded to the Showroom?

Paint schemes on the "Your Paints" page are visible only to you -- other users cannot view or download those paint schemes unless you submit them to the Showroom. The only time other drivers will see your paint schemes is if you compete in a race with other drivers, in which case, your custom paint scheme will appear on your iRacing car.

Q: Since we can’t place numbers on our paint schemes, how can I choose the number style on my car?

Visit the Customize Car area on the iRacing Member Site to customize the number style of your paint schemes.

Q: What will drivers who don’t have Trading Paints see when I race?

Drivers who do not have Trading Paints running for any reason will see the default paint scheme shown on the iRacing Member Site. It is a good idea to create a fall-back paint scheme in the iRacing Paint Booth for new users who are not yet registered at Trading Paints.

Q: What is the Showroom?

The Trading Paints Showroom is a public area for hosting paint schemes and Resources that other Trading Paints members may view and use for racing. Painters can use the Showroom to display their work and distribute custom paint schemes to the Trading Paints and iRacing membership.

Q: How can I use a paint scheme from the Showroom?

To use a paint scheme that was submitted to the Showroom, navigate to the paint scheme you'd like to use and click the blue "Use this paint" button. This will automatically assign the selected Showroom paint scheme to your car in iRacing.

Q: What is a Favorite?

A Favorite is a saved paint scheme. You can use Favorites to save paints you'd like to visit later for any reason. Saving a Favorite also makes the process of using a Showroom paint scheme easier -- on the Your Paints page, you can click the Update or Add button for a vehicle and then select the "Use a Showroom Favorite" option to select a Favorite paint scheme you've saved.

Q: How can I use a Favorite paint scheme?

If you've Favorited a paint scheme, you can visit the Your Paints page, click the "Update" or "Add" button for a vehicle and select "Use a Showroom Favorite" option. This will present a list of Showroom paints you've favorited for that vehicle. Click the blue "Select" button next to a Favorite paint scheme to use it when you race.

Q: What is a Resource?

A Showroom Resource is a base scheme, graphical element, decal layer, or official sponsor-submitted logo used to help create or enhance custom paints. Unlike a completed paint scheme, a Resource is a customizable piece or element of a custom car.

Q: How can I add my paint scheme or resource to the Showroom?

If you are a registered and logged-in Trading Paints user, there is a blue "Submit Files" button on each category page of the Showroom that begins the process for submitting paint schemes and resources to the Showroom. Please note that you may only upload files that are iRacing-compatible and are comprised of only your own work or work you have full permission to use.

Q: Can I add a paint scheme to the Showroom that I didn’t create?

No. Only work you've created can be submitted to the Showroom. You must have permission from the original owner or IP/copyright holder in order to upload a paint scheme or resource to the Trading Paints Showroom.

Q: Can I sell a paint scheme in the Showroom?

No. Paint schemes uploaded to the Showroom are available to be used at no cost for Trading Paints users.

Q: How can I contact the author or uploader of a file in the Showroom?

When viewing a paint scheme or file in the Showroom, there are details about the author accompanied with each file. If the user allows messages, a message icon (envelope) will appear next to the user's name in the sidebar.

Q: What does it mean to “follow” a user?

Following a Trading Paints member or sponsor will allow you to be notified (if desired) of new updates or paint schemes from a particular member. Oftentimes, members will follow their favorite Showroom painters to be notified when they've uploaded a new paint scheme or resource.

Q: What does it mean if a user is “following” me?

If a Trading Paints member is following you, it means he or she is subscribed to receive notifications whenever you submit new work to the Showroom. Depending on the following-user's settings, it can also mean you can send a message to that user.

Q: How can I report or flag an inappropriate paint scheme?

If you feel the content of a paint scheme or resource is actually your work, contains sensitive content, or is a violation of your Intellectual Property, click the "Report this submission" button and complete the form with details on why you are flagging the submission. Trading Paints staff will be alerted of the report and will take action within seven days, if necessary.

Q: How can I manage the files I’ve uploaded to the Showroom?

Click the "Your Files" page in the Showroom area to manage your files.

Q: Can I ask a Showroom author or painter to create a custom paint scheme for me?

If a user is accepting messages, you can send a message via the user's profile requesting a paint scheme.

Q: Can I upload paint schemes that weren’t made for iRacing to the Showroom?

No. Only paint schemes should be uploaded to the Showroom.

Q: Should I upload unfinished work to the Showroom?

No. Only completed work of your own creation should be uploaded to the Showroom.

Q: How can I edit a paint scheme I uploaded to the Showroom?

Only completed work should be uploaded to the Showroom. You cannot edit the TGA or main file of a Showroom file once it is uploaded; however, you can update the description, title, photos, and other settings. If you need to make an update to a submitted file, you will need to upload a new submission to the Showroom.

Q: If drivers are using a paint scheme I uploaded to the Showroom, and I delete that paint scheme from the Showroom, will the drivers using the paint scheme still use it when they race?

Yes. If you remove a Showroom paint scheme, the users who have already selected to use that paint scheme will continue to use that paint scheme.

Q: What is Trading Paints?

Trading Paints is the custom paint scheme engine for Drivers who use Trading Paints can create their own car designs and see their competitors' custom liveries when racing. Trading Paints is also the home of car painting and design tools for, via the Trading Paints Showroom.

Q: Who can see custom paint schemes when racing?

Any registered Trading Paints member who is using the Trading Paints program while racing can see custom paint schemes. Any active subscriber can create a Trading Paints account for free.

Q: Can I use the Trading Paints logo on my cars?

You may use the Trading Paints logo on your custom iRacing paint schemes.

Q: Can I use the Trading Paints name or logo for my league or race?

You may not use the Trading Paints name or logo for your league or race without explicit permission from Trading Paints; however, any user may use the Trading Paints logo on his or her iRacing paint schemes.

Q: Can I use the Trading Paints logo on my website?

You may use the official Trading Paints logo on your website to link to

Q: Can I host content that I found on Trading Paints on my website?

Unless you are the owner or creator of the content, you may not host content found from Trading Paints on your own website, application, or service.

Q: Do I need an iRacing membership to be a member of Trading Paints?

Only active subscribers can create a Trading Paints driver account.

Q: If I own or represent a business, how can I partner with Trading Paints?

At this time, we are working on a program for businesses and partners. Stay tuned!

Q: If I own or represent a business, how can I become a selectable sponsor on drivers’ cars?

At this time, we are working on a program for businesses and partners. Stay tuned!

Q: What should I do if I’m having problems creating an account?

If you have an active account and you still cannot create an account, please report a problem including your name, email address, and iRacing Customer ID number.

Q: What should I do if I’m having problems logging in to my account?

Please visit the Lost Password page to reset your password if you cannot log in. Completing this form will send a link to your iRacing inbox with instructions on how to create a new password.

Q: How can I cancel my Trading Paints account?

Please report a problem if you need to cancel your account. Please ensure you are logged in to your account when requesting a cancellation.

Q: How can I protect my privacy on Trading Paints?

Anything in the Your Paints area is not visible to the public or other members of Trading Paints. If you'd like to use custom paints and maintain your privacy, only use the Your Paints and Paint Builder areas of Trading Paints. If you are active in the Showroom and would like to protect your privacy from the public and other Trading Paints members, visit your Settings page and check the box for "Show abbreviated name in Showroom". This will hide your last name from your Showroom activities.

Q: How can I stop receiving emails from Trading Paints?

On your Settings page, you can uncheck the appropriate boxes for Email Notifications if you do not wish to receive emails from Trading Paints.

Q: How can I remove or report a paint scheme that uses my trademark, copyrighted content, or intellectual property?

On the page containing the paint scheme in question on Trading Paints, click the "Report this paint" button and complete the form.

Q: How can I donate to Trading Paints?

Thank you for your interest in donating to Trading Paints! Please consider upgrading your account to Trading Paints Pro -- this is the most helpful way to support Trading Paints.

Q: How do I report a bug or issue?

We welcome all feedback and bug reports. If you feel you've come across a bug or issue, please report a problem with a detailed account of the issue and steps on how to reproduce the issue, if possible. Please note that we cannot reply to every request, but we may follow up if we need more information.

Q: How can I stop receiving private messages?

To stop receiving messages, visit your Settings page, navigate to the Privacy section, and select an option to either receive messages from all members, only members you follow, or no members whatsoever. You may change this option at any time.

Q: How can I change my password?

To reset your password, visit your Settings page, click the "Change Password" button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Q: How can I change my name or club?

Trading Paints updates name and club data every 24 hours automatically. If you feel your name is not correct after 24 hours, please report a problem.

Q: Will Trading Paints sponsor me or partner with my event?

We are not looking to expand any sponsorship efforts at this time.

Q: Why do some users have “Pro” next to their name?

Users with a "Pro" badge next to their names are Trading Paints Pro users. You can have that badge next to your name by upgrading to a Trading Paints Pro membership.

Q: How can I get a Trading Paints Pro membership?

Visit the Trading Paints Pro page or click the "Upgrade" link in the User dropdown of the top-right area of the Trading Paints member website.

Q: Can you refund my payment if I decide I no longer want Trading Paints Pro membership?

Trading Paints Pro memberships are non-refundable.

Q: Will my Trading Paints Pro subscription automatically renew when it expires?

Yes. Your Trading Paints Pro subscription will automatically renew through PayPal if your recurring subscription is kept intact.

Q: What does Trading Paints do with my billing information?

Your billing information is only used by PayPal to process your payment for Trading Paints Pro. Your billing information is not used for any other purpose.

Q: What do I do if I think that someone has gained access to my password?

Please report a problem if you feel someone else has gained access to your Trading Paints account. We will then issue a password reset by sending a message to your verified iRacing account via Private Message.

Q: Who are the creators or owners of Trading Paints?

Steve Luvender and Shawn Brant are the creators of Trading Paints.

Q: What is your phone number?

We do not have a phone number available for support. You may report a problem if you feel you have stumbled across an issue not otherwise covered.

Q: What operating systems can be used to show paint schemes?

Windows 7 and later is required.

Q: What is the Trading Paints downloader program used for?

The Trading Paints program is used to communicate between the iRacing simulator and the Trading Paints server to load drivers' paint schemes from the Trading Paints server onto your local iRacing installation.

Q: Why do I need to install a program?

Installing the program is the easiest way to gather other drivers' paint schemes and load them to your local iRacing installation. It is the only way to see Trading Paints paint schemes on your computer.

Q: Do I need to install Trading Paints in order to see custom paint schemes?

Yes. The only way to see Trading Paints users' custom paint schemes is to install Trading Paints and run the program while racing or spectating a race.

Q: What if I downloaded Trading Paints from a website other than

If you downloaded software from anywhere other than, it is not official Trading Paints software. The official Trading Paints software is only available at

Q: Does Trading Paints contain viruses or malware?

No. Trading Paints contains nothing but the Trading Paints program. The software is safe to use and free of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. Official Trading Paints software will never contain these things.

Q: What are the system requirements for the Trading Paints program?

You must be using a Windows computer, using Windows 7 or later. You must have the .NET Framework 4.0 installed as well.

Q: What should I do if my program will not install correctly?

Trading Paints is only available on Windows at this time. Ensure .NET Framework 4.0 is installed on your computer before installing, and your Windows Installer is up to date (if you receive a DLL error, it is likely an issue with Windows Installer on your system). Try repairing or uninstalling Trading Paints from your Control Panel if the program will not install correctly first, and then reinstalling the program.

Q: Does downloading paint schemes affect my computer’s performance?

While paint schemes for the current session are being downloaded, there may be a very slight temporary impact on network performance; however, paint schemes are not downloaded while a race is in session (unless you join the race server initially in the middle of the race for some reason). If you are concerned about your computer's performance being affected while racing, you can safely close Trading Paints before your race begins -- however, most users do not have issues with Trading Paints running.

Q: Should I leave Trading Paints running at all times?

You may choose to leave Trading Paints running even when you're not racing with minimal impact. Trading Paints does not download any files unless the iRacing sim is open and there are custom paints from the Trading Paints server that need to be downloaded. If you do not feel comfortable with keeping Trading Paints open, you can launch the program only when racing (or spectating/watching replays) if you prefer.

Q: Does using custom paint schemes affect my frame rates in iRacing?

Using custom paints does not affect frame rates, regardless of the file size of the custom paints. Any 1024x1024 TGA uses the same amount of graphics memory, whether that's a default iRacing paint scheme (without Trading Paints), a simple custom paint, or a complex custom paint.

Q: What does the “automatically refresh textures” option mean?

If checked "automatically refresh textures" will load the paint schemes that were just downloaded without any action from the user. It is recommended to keep this box checked.

Q: What does the “update my own paint schemes” option mean?

If "update my own paint schemes" is checked, Trading Paints will download your paint scheme for the session instead of using your paint file that may currently be in the folder. If checked, your paint will download and appear the same way it does for other Trading Paints users.

Q: I heard someone mention “Ctrl + R”. What does that mean?

Pressing "Ctrl + R" while the iRacing sim is open will reload all the vehicle and driver textures. It is not necessary to press "Ctrl + R" as Trading Paints will refresh individual cars instead of the entire field (if you have the Automatically Refresh option checked). The only time "Ctrl + R" applies is for painters who are reloading their work-in-progress paint schemes after saving their paint to the iRacing paint folder.

Q: How can I uninstall Trading Paints from my computer?

Uninstall Trading Paints the same way you would a normal program. Close the program, go to your Control Panel in Windows, open your Programs (or Add/Remove Programs) area, and then select Trading Paints from the list.

Q: I’ve uninstalled Trading Paints but I still see custom cars. How can I remove the remaining files from my computer?

Delete the "paint" folder from your Documents\iRacing\ folder.

Q: Can I use Trading Paints on my Mac or OS X?

Trading Paints will run on Windows only.

Q: Does iRacing own Trading Paints?

No. Trading Paints and iRacing Motorsport Simulations, LLC or its partners are not affiliated in any way.

Q: Can I automatically use a decal layer I found in the Showroom?

At this time, you must upload a decal layer to your car yourself -- you cannot automatically use a decal layer in the Resources area of the Showroom.

Q: If I run the Trading Paints program, could it pop up when I race?

No, the Trading Paints program will not interrupt iRacing when the sim is running. The program is designed to be silenced and not take focus off iRacing, even if the program crashes.

Q: Will Trading Paints respond to a problem I report?

We will follow up to reported problems when it is necessary to do so, but we do not respond to every problem that is on file.

Q: What is the Trading Paints Paint Builder?

Paint Builder is an easy way for iRacing members to design their own paint schemes right from the Trading Paints website, instead of using complicated external software.

Q: How can I access the Paint Builder?

Paint Builder is only available for Trading Paints Pro members. Trading Paints Pro members can click "Paint Builder" in the top bar of the Trading Paints website, or visit

Q: How can I upload my own logo to my car in Paint Builder?

To add a custom logo to your car in Paint Builder, follow these steps: Click the Insert Logo button. On the window that appears, select "Choose my own logo". Select the logo file from your computer. Note: the logo file must be in PNG format. Once you select a file, the logo will be automatically added to your car.

Q: How can I submit my company's logo for use in Paint Builder?

We are not accepting new logo submissions at this time.

Q: Can I edit one of my current paint schemes in Paint Builder?

Yes, you can edit one of your current paints in Paint Builder. Go to Your Paints, click the Update button of the paint scheme you'd like to modify, and select "Edit in Paint Builder."

Note: Existing pieces of the paint scheme are not editable. When modifying existing paints, Paint Builder (or any other program) can only be used to add on to the paint scheme.

Q: How do I use a paint scheme I created in Paint Builder in iRacing?

To use a Paint Builder paint scheme you created, open the paint in Paint Builder. Then, click the Options button and select "Set as my active paint."

Q: Does Paint Builder function properly in all web browsers?

Paint Builder is designed to work in modern web browsers. Some features may be limited in older browsers or some versions of Internet Explorer. To ensure you are experiencing all features properly, use the latest version of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or another webkit-based browser.

Q: Can I use a font not shown in the Paint Builder for text?

Currently, the only text that is supported is using the fonts available in Paint Builder. However, if you create a text-based image in an external program, you can import the image as a custom logo on the Insert Logo screen.

Q: Why does my paint scheme that was working properly previously no longer show up properly?

iRacing recently changed the way custom paint schemes are shown and now read alpha channels on paint scheme files. It is likely that your paint scheme TGA had an alpha channel that hid parts of your car (or your entire car) but was not activated previously but now functions. Remove the alpha channel in your painting program and re-upload to the Trading Paints website to correct this issue.

Q: What is a Design in Paint Builder?

A Design is a decal or shape that can be applied to any car.

Q: What is a Logo in Paint Builder?

A logo is a graphic that can be applied to your car in Paint Builder. When you add an official logo to your Paint Builder car, your paint scheme is tagged with that sponsor in Trading Paints. You can also upload custom logos in Paint Builder.

Q: What is a Base in Paint Builder?

A Base (or base scheme) is the main layer or style of your car. Base schemes shown in Paint Builder are submitted by members of the community. You can change the color of pieces of your Base Scheme in the layers sidebar menu.

Q: What are Number Blocks in Paint Builder?

Number blocks are displayed as a guide to help show where iRacing stamps numbers on the cars in the sim.

Q: What are Sponsor Blocks in Paint Builder?

Sponsor blocks are displayed as a guide to help show where iRacing stamps normal sponsors on the cars in the sim.

Q: What is the Car Mask in Paint Builder?

The Car Mask is a guide to help you see edges of the car on the template.

Q: What is the Wireframe in Paint Builder?

The Wireframe is a guide to help you see pieces of the car on the template.

Q: Can I submit a paint scheme I made in Paint Builder to the Showroom?

Yes. To submit a Paint Builder paint to the Showroom, open the paint scheme you wish to submit, select the Options button, and then choose "Submit to Showroom." Then, complete the fields to submit your paint.

Q: How do I save changes to a paint scheme in Paint Builder?

All changes in Paint Builder are saved instantly and automatically.

Q: Can I edit my paint scheme in Paint Builder when I'm not connected to the Internet?

No. The Paint Builder requires an Internet connection, and changes made while offline will not be saved.

Q: Can I undo changes I made to my Paint Builder paint?

At this time, there is no Undo/Redo functionality in Paint Builder; however, it is a feature that will likely be added in the future.

Q: What should I do if I see the error: "Unable to load configuration"?

If you see the error "unable to load configuration" when opening Trading Paints, you'll need to delete your configuration file. To delete your configuration file in Windows, from your Start -> Run menu, type %AppData%, navigate to the TradingPaints Downloader folder, and then delete the new_config.xml file.

Q: What are trophies?

Trophies are badges shown on your profile page that show your distinctions.

Q: What should I do if I see the error:

If you see the error "Unable to create temp directory", it means there is a permission error on your computer. You may need to run the Trading Paints program as an administrator.

Q: What should I do if I see the error:

If you see the error "Unable to create paint directories", it means there is a permission error on your computer. You may need to run the Trading Paints program as an administrator.

Q: What should I do if I see the error: "There is a new version, update required"?

If you see the error "There is a new version, update required", it means a mandatory update to the Trading Paints program is now available for download. Visit to download the latest version.

Q: What should I do if I see the error: "There was an error trying to verify the version of this software"?

If you see the error "There was an error trying to verify the version of this software", it usually means the Trading Paints server and your computer cannot communicate due to a network issue. Ensure you are connected to the Internet and your virus protection and firewall allow Trading Paints to function.

Q: What should I do if I see the error:

If you see the error "Unable to write configuration", it means there is a permission error on your computer. You may need to run the Trading Paints program as an administrator.

Q: How can I customize the color of my vehicle's wheels?

Wheel colors, much like car number styles, are controlled through the Members website in the Paint Booth area. iRacing does not allow customization of wheels using custom paint schemes.

Q: If I select a file to use in Night Races, will it also show up for nighttime practice and qualifying sessions?

Yes. If the track is designated as a night track, your Night paint scheme will appear, regardless of session type.

Q: My league does its races through the Hosted Racing area and not the iRacing Leagues section. Will my league paint scheme still show up?

No. League paints are only shown in officially designated league sessions.

Q: How can I email Trading Paints?

For technical issues, please browse our Help Center. We do not monitor an email address for technical issues at this time; there is often help available in the official iRacing Member Forum.

Q: How can I cancel my recurring payment subscription for Trading Paints Pro through PayPal so I will not be billed again?

You can cancel your Trading Paints Pro recurring payment by canceling your payment with Trading Paints in your PayPal account. Or, cancel your subscription using this link:

Q: How do I use a team paint scheme?

If you have a team registered with iRacing, it should appear under the Teams tab under Your Paints. If you are the owner of a team, you can upload a paint scheme TGA for all drivers of your team to use on this screen. At this time, you cannot use a Showroom paint scheme or Paint Builder paint as a team paint.

Q: What if I have a specific issue that is not otherwise covered?

You may report a problem if you feel you have encountered a bug or issue. Please include as much information as possible, including your name, email address, customer ID, downloader version, and steps to reproduce the issue. While we do not respond to each report, we may follow up for more information if necessary.