The custom car painting platform for iRacing.

Trading Paints adds custom car liveries to iRacing. Design your own cars or race with pre-made paint schemes shared from other painters.


Tips for success in the Trading Paints Showroom

Upload only your own work

You will only upload paint schemes containing your own work. Taking or repurposing any amount of work from another member’s file will not be tolerated. Remember, your name is associated with what you post, and you want to build your reputation for original work!

Don’t post inappropriate content

Trading Paints is not a place for sharing content you wouldn’t see on a real race car. Do not post sexually suggestive photos or any content with adult themes. Paint schemes containing hate speech, hateful symbols, or harassing or threatening language may not be uploaded and will result in your membership being removed. Please consult the Custom Paint Policy if you’re unclear about what is and is not OK to post.

Give credit where it’s due

Many drivers provide resources and layers for enhancing custom paints. If you have permission to use another driver’s layer enhancements on your custom paints, give them credit in your paint scheme description for sharing their resource.

Upload completed work

Only upload work that is ready for others to race.

Complete your profile

Let racers know who you are by uploading a profile photo and completing your bio.

Use your best screenshots

For the best visibility, upload several screenshots of your custom paints. On-track screenshots with numbers and wheel colors assigned as you intended will help other racers get the most out of the paints you share. We suggest using tightly-cropped, high-quality screenshots with different shots from multiple angles for best results. If you’re painting a replica of a real-life car and you plan to upload a photo of the actual car to your submission, only use it as a secondary photo and not the first photo—use your best screenshot first.

Remove your signature and personal markings

Since paints you post to the Showroom will be used for other racers, remember to remove your own signature and personal markings from visible areas of the paint scheme so that your name doesn’t appear on someone else’s cars when they race.

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