The custom car painting platform for iRacing.

Trading Paints adds custom car liveries to iRacing. Design your own cars or race with pre-made paint schemes shared from the community of painters.

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The Trading Paints Brand

These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo.

Thanks for not embellishing the logo with shadows, patterns, or intricate backgrounds.


The Trading Paints brand colors represent the energy and excitement of a field full of beautifully designed race cars.

Torch Red


French Lilac


Dodger Blue



Please respect the clear space around the edges of the Trading Paints logo.

Trading Paints logo clearspace

In Writing

The “T” in Trading and “P” and Paints are always capitalized. “Trading Paints” is always two separate words.

✔ Trading Paints
× TradingPaints
× Tradingpaints
× Trading paints
× tradingPAINTS
× tradingpaints
☹ Trading Pants

Thanks for not adding a slogan or tagline to our logo.

Alternate Logos

In the instances where the traditional Trading Paints logo is not appropriate, please use these designated stacked versions of the logo.

Use of Our Brand Materials

You should…

✔ Use the Trading Paints logo to link to Trading Paints.
✔ Use the Trading Paints logo on your iRacing cars.
✔ Use the Trading Paints logo in color before reverting to black and white.
✔ Use the Trading Paints logo in a blog post or news article about Trading Paints.

You should not…

× Use the Trading Paints logo for your application or website’s icon or logo.
× Use the Trading Paints name or logo in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation.
× Use screenshots containing any user information.
× Make or sell merchandise with our name or logo on it.