Trading Paints Help Center


Tips and information on designing your cars and managing your paints.

What file formats are accepted?

What is a decal layer?

Should I put car numbers on my paint schemes?

Why can’t I see my paint scheme on the iRacing website?

How can I see a paint I am creating on a car?

How do I see custom paints on the track in iRacing?

How can I tell which paint other people can see on my car?

How can I paint my own custom cars?

Can I upload paints for someone else?

Can I remove the headlights or grilles from the car?

Can other drivers download or re-use my paint schemes on the Trading Paints website?

How can I choose the number style on my car?

How can I choose the wheel style on my car?

What paint will drivers who don’t have Trading Paints see when I race?

How do I use a team paint scheme?

Where can I get painting templates?

What should I do if I want to upload a paint but not let anyone else race with it?

What is a Custom Number paint?

How do Custom Number paints work?

Can everyone see my Custom Number paint?

What happens in a Hide Numbers hosted or league session where I don’t have a Custom Number paint?

Do I need to use Custom Number paints, or can I use a normal paint?

Do I need a Trading Paints Pro membership to race with Custom Number paints?

Can I turn off other drivers’ Custom Number paints if I’d rather see cars with iRacing-stamped numbers?

Will a Custom Number paint supersede my league and night paints?

Will Custom Number paints work in team sessions?

Do other drivers need Trading Paints Pro in order to see Custom Number paints?

What is a spec map?

How do I create a spec map file for use in iRacing?

Where is the 3D Car Viewer in iRacing?

Is there a painting template for the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance?

Is there a painting template for the Williams-Toyota FW31?