Trading Paints Help Center


Tips and information on designing your cars and managing your paints.

What file formats are accepted?

What is a decal layer?

Should I put car numbers on my paint schemes?

Why can’t I see my paint scheme on the iRacing website?

How can I see a paint I am creating on a car?

How do I see custom paints on the track in iRacing?

How can I tell which paint other people can see on my car?

How can I paint my own custom cars?

Can I upload paints for someone else?

Can I remove the headlights or grilles from the car?

Can other drivers download or re-use my paint schemes on the Trading Paints website?

How can I choose the number style on my car?

How can I choose the wheel style on my car?

What paint will drivers who don’t have Trading Paints see when I race?

How do I use a team paint scheme?

Where can I get painting templates?

What should I do if I want to upload a paint but not let anyone else race with it?