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Questions about Trading Paints Pro features.

How can I use a different helmet or suit for each car?

How can I use a different paint scheme for night races?

How can I use a different paint scheme for league races?

Why can’t I see my league or series in the list of leagues?

How can I get a Trading Paints Pro membership?

Can you refund my payment if I decide I no longer want Trading Paints Pro membership?

Will my Trading Paints Pro subscription automatically renew when it expires?

What does Trading Paints do with my billing information?

When do Night paints appear in iRacing?

My league does its races through the Hosted Racing area and not the iRacing Leagues section. Will my league paint scheme still show up?

How can I cancel my recurring payment subscription for Trading Paints Pro through PayPal so I will not be billed again?

Can I buy a Trading Paints Pro subscription if I do not have PayPal?

How can I change which PayPal account associated with my Trading Paints Pro subscription?

Can I switch my Trading Paints Pro membership to another account?