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Getting the most out of the Trading Paints downloader program.

What is Trading Paints Downloader and why do I need to use it?

How can I make sure other drivers can see my custom paint?

What if I downloaded Trading Paints from a website other than

Does Trading Paints contain viruses or malware?

What are the system requirements for the Trading Paints program?

What should I do if Trading Paints Downloader will not install correctly?

Does downloading paint schemes affect my computer’s performance?

Should I leave Trading Paints running at all times?

Does using custom paint schemes affect my frame rates in iRacing?

I heard someone mention “Ctrl + R”. What does that mean?

How can I uninstall Trading Paints from my computer?

I uninstalled Trading Paints but I still see custom cars. How can I remove the remaining files from my computer?

What should I do if I see the error: “Unable to load configuration”?

What should I do if I see the error: “Unable to create temp directory”?

What should I do if I see the error: “Unable to create paint directories”?

What should I do if I see the error: “There is a new version, update required”?

What should I do if I see the error: “There was an error trying to verify the version of this software”?

What should I do if I see the error: “Unable to write configuration”?

What does “Start Trading Paints on system startup” do?

What does “Automatically refresh paints” do?

What does “Clean up downloaded files when I exit iRacing” do?

What does “Clean up drivers existing paint files before fetching new paints” do?

What does “Update my own paints” do?

What does “Show output from activity” do?

Where can I get Trading Paints Downloader?

What should I do if I see “Waiting for Connection”?

When I restart my computer, Trading Paints says an update is required. How do I fix this?

Why are cars appearing plain white on the track?

My paint shows up all-black in iRacing. How can I fix this?

Other drivers see my custom paints but I do not see them. What should I do?

How do I see my paints from Trading Paints in the iRacing 3D car viewer?

What does “Keep my paints synced from iRacing” do?

What does the “Re-Download Paints” button do?

How can I enable spec maps in iRacing if I do not see them?

How can I see Custom Number paints when I race?

What should I do if I get a “Failed to Extract to Location” error?

How do I completely close the Trading Paints Downloader?

Is Trading Paints compatible with OneDrive?