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How to best use the Showroom, the Trading Paints community.

Should I upload unfinished work to the Showroom?

Are Showroom popularity rankings weighted by whether or not you are a Pro member?

What is the Showroom?

How can I race with a paint from the Showroom?

How can I race a paint I’ve favorited?

How do I submit my work to the Showroom?

Can I add a paint to the Showroom that I didn’t create?

Can I sell a paint in the Showroom?

How can I contact the author or uploader of a paint in the Showroom?

What happens when you follow a user?

What does it mean if someone is following me?

How can I report or flag an inappropriate paint?

How can I manage the paints I’ve uploaded to the Showroom?

Can I ask a Showroom author or painter to create a custom paint scheme for me?

Can I upload paints that weren’t made for iRacing to the Showroom?

How can I edit a paint I uploaded to the Showroom?

If I delete a Showroom paint, will drivers racing the paint still be racing the paint?

Why do some users have “Pro” next to their name?

Can I automatically use a decal layer I found in the Showroom?

What are trophies?

Can I make changes to someone else’s paint and re-upload it?

When are daily most popular trophies awarded?

Can I designate a Showroom paint as a Custom Number paint?

Will I need to upload separate normal and Custom Number paints in the Showroom?

What is a Collection?

How do I use a Collection as an AI Carset?

How do I make my Collection AI-ready?

What is an Official paint?

How can I get an Official verified badge on my Showroom paint page?